Call for Transmedia Project - GMC 2014!
Call for Projects for CROSS-MEDIA
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Be Global Online! 
A place for projects, with access to coaching and networking to facilitate the development of projects, the Global Media Connect is a B to B new media event organized by Imaginove.

Benefit from the expertise and experience of Imaginove partners (producers, animation studios, video game, web agencies, technical experts ...) and buyers (broadcasters, video game publishers, web platforms, etc ...).
Since its creation, Imaginove has endorsed synergies within the moving image industry, uniting animation, cinema and audiovisual arts with video games and merging multimedia currents!


Today, more than ever, the industry’s players are becoming aware of a sense of community, after all, they are facing the same changes and challenges in the market.

Choose your market place and participate in one of our Global Media Connect !

Global Media Connect aims to bring out and encourage the development and implementation of new projects media, relying on partner events: MIFA, I Love Transmedia and Blend webmix.

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